Friday, November 04, 2005

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"Dog & Kitten City ." 2 November 2005. Looking for a pet. 04 Nov. 2005 .
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Dog & Kitten City offers a All Breed Obedience Training Club offers a 12-week course at a reduced rate of $35 to anyone who adopts from a shelter. They have hade over 30 years of experience. They have basic obedience training, aggressive behaveior correction training,promblem behavior correction training. Pure and mis breeds are all wecomed.

Sanctuary Program

We provide a sanctuary for animals who are not good candidates for adoption such as older or disabled animals, Feline Leukemia and FIV cats. We will never decline acceptance of an animal in need regardless of condition, age, health or temperament. We do not make a distinction whether an animal is adoptable or not to accept it into our shelter.

"A hundred years from now, it will not matter the sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove....but the world may be different because I was important in the life of the animals and the creatures on this earth."
~Author Unknown

Foster Program

A trained group of Humane Society volunteers provide temporary homes for puppies, kittens and animals needing rehabilitation. It is a life-saving program which is always in need of volunteers. Some animals may need fostering for only a few days while others may need months of support. A Foster Parents’ efforts will help prepare the animal for adoption. But most important, you are giving the animals a chance to survive and live a happy life. Dog & Kitty City is always looking for good foster homes, especially in the summer months when the animal population is breeding and we are swamped with puppies and kittens who should not be in a shelter environment in the beginning stages of their life due to susceptibility of illnesses.

Senior animals make wonderful companions, are often well-trained, calm, housebroken, and have established personalities. Our Silver Muzzle Club guests do expect to stay with us slightly longer than your youngsters, because, of course, they are more discerning about their forever home!

Animals in this program are seven years and older and have received a thorough vet examination.

You can sponsor a Silver Muzzle to ensure that he or she has a comfortable stay while waiting to go home forever. Give us a call and find out how you can become a Senior Sponsor for one of our "experienced" pets, or how you can adopt one into your home!

T-Touch Program

Our senior residents are currently taking part in t-touch training. This therapudic touch helps to relax, train, and heal our older residents. Below is a photo of our sweet Rosie receiving t-touch training.

Rosie has been at the shelter her entire life; approximately 9 years. Not because she doesn't need a home.... because she hasn't found the right home. She takes her time to warm up to people, but she will let you know when she is ready to build that bond by rolling over on her back for that first belly rub. From that day forward, you are friends for life. She is a special lady and needs a special forever home!

Brittany Minor
3rd Ms. Goode
Reflection 11/02/05

My research question has helped me learn more about animals and how to take care of them. I hade to modify it twice I went from talking about veterinarians to talking about shelters. Talking about shelters is a lot easier cause you can get more information on the question. So far I have been finding great information on the topic and lots of pictures. I am not researching my original idea because it was to complicating and kind of confusing. I learned so far that taking care of a pet and making sure they stay healthy is the hardest thing to do when you are taking care of any animal. I like were my project is going so far I finally understand what to do. Now I need to get more information. Sorry to say that I’m not ready to write yet I need more information.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My primary sources for information would be goggle because they show me lots of information on differnt shelter and how many animals they kill or keep.
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Ahern, Suan & Michael. "Thanks Goodmews." (2005). 02 Nov 2005 .
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Goodmews helps cats find new homes with a successful ending. here is a recent up date story

Toby October 14, 2005

Dear Good Mews:

It's hard to believe it's been a year since Greigo and Bonnie, adopted us!
(Actually, Greigo picked
us out and Bonnie, formerly known as Blue Bonnet came along for the ride.)
They have brought so
much joy to our lives that we can't even begin to describe it!

Our first encounter with Greigo at the shelter was a head butting scritch
me now! gesture. She then
followed us around the shelter the entire time we were being introduced to
the residents. We were
looking for a pair of sisters, so Greigo knew this was her lucky day.
Bonnie was hiding in one of the
beds on the wall shelves way up top, so we were able to barely scritch the
top of her head (much to
her dismay) but Greigo was a good enough salesperson for the both of them.
Into the carriers they
went and off we went on the hour drive back to our North Forsyth County

Greigo settled right in and made herself right at home. She is the
happiest, most playful three year
old cat I have ever known (she was two when she joined our family). She
chases her tail, catches
toy mice, races around up and down the stairs and through tiny openings
chasing Bonnie or her
imaginary friends if Bonnie is hiding. She is very happy all the time as
long as she has a lap to sit in.
She sleeps on top of Susan every night - so it is fortunate that she is a
small framed six pound cat!

Bonnie took awhile to warm up. In fact, we didn't see her for several
weeks after we brought her
home. We knew she was eating and using the litterbox at night, but she
kept out of sight all day.
After a few weeks she would come out a little bit, but not approach us.
Months and months went by,
with small progress for Bonnie getting acclimated to the new home. Now she
spends most of the
day in our company, and will even sit in a lap and get scritches. She is
so used to being in stealth
mode that when she talks she squeaks! But she is absolutely beautiful and
a joy for us.

Greigo and Bonnie get along well except when they don't. There is a little
bit of sibling rivalry,
especially when Greigo has to horn in on the situation when Bonnie is
getting some attention.
Bonnie likes one on one attention and Greigo likes ALL of the attention.
So it's a good thing we
have two laps and four hands at our house! Bonnie is twice the size of
Greigo, but Greigo gets her
licks in, too. They play well together and rarely do we hear a hiss.

Greigo has had some health woes - the vet thinks she might have irritable
bowel syndrome. She
throws up sometimes, but we don't mind cleaning up after her. The
frequency has diminished with a
new diet, regular brushing and some Laxatone once a week or so. Greigo
had lost most of her
teeth prior to coming to live with us, most likely due to poor nutrition
before she was rescued. So
she really enjoys the little bit of canned food she gets as a treat once a
day. The vet advised
keeping both cats mainly on dry food diets.

About six months ago Bonnie caught a real mouse and brought it in the
living room. The mouse had
ventured through a crack in the screened porch prior to meeting up with the
resident lioness. The
mouse wasn't dead yet when she plopped it on the living room floor, so
Greigo got in a few licks
before we scooped it up and removed it. No more mice have ventured into
our house, and we have
much fewer spiders now, too, for some reason. . .

Thank you Good Mews for rescuing these lovely girls and keeping them safe
until they could adopt
us! We were told that the girls had been adopted by a family prior to us
and were returned to Good
Mews after a few months. Everything happens for a reason, I suppose, as
Greigo and Bonnie now
have a loving forever home with us!

Susan and Michael Ahern
* * *
Greigo wants to say a few words before I end this note:

Hi, Good Mews! I know you all miss me, and I miss you, but I am sooooo
glad to be the queen of the
Ahern household. (Susan says, Greigo, remember, you are the princess -
Bonnie is the queen). In
any case, I am very happy here. I get lots of scritches, laps to sit on,
a warm bed - I really love my
human heating pad! I just wish they would stay home all day and play with
me and cuddle.

Bonnie was really scared and sad at first, but I brought her out of her
shell. She plays with me and
most of the time we get along. We both love watching the birds at the
window feeder - our own
personal Animal Planet!

I am attaching some photos of Bonnie and me - I hope you enjoy them and
share them with my
Good Mews Friends! (#22 is Bonnie, #64 is me and #1 is the two of us
sunbathing in the window)



P.S. Bonnie just says - SQUEEK!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

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"Hurricane Katrina." Augest 1995-2004. Finding Goode Homes For Good Kitttens. 31 Oct. 2005 .
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(Hurricane Katrina)

Hurricane Katrina

One of our volunteers is helping to rebuild an animal shelter in Slidell, Louisiana that was flooded by the storm. Both Good Mews and our volunteers donated hundreds of pounds of supplies for her to take to both the people and pets suffering in the aftermath of this tragedy.

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"About Us." Augest 1995-2004. Finding Goode Homes For Good Kitttens. 31 Oct. 2005 .
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Good Mews is a non-profit, cage-free, no-kill shelter located in Atlanta, Georgia. In our 15 years, we have helped 4,246 of cats in need.
For the past couple of years, Good Mews has offered calendars featuring some of our wonderful residents. This year, the cats pictures are juxtaposed onto pictures of many Atlanta landmarks. These calendars are currently available for sale now through the online store

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"Feline Fitness Spa." Augest 1995-2004. Finding Goode Homes For Good Kitttens. 01 Nov. 2005 .
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(Feline Fitness Spa)

Feline Fitness Spa
The most common New Year’s resolution seems to be weight loss, and it isn’t much different for some of our feline friends at the shelter. Although our large free roaming facility is the next best thing to a forever home, it makes feeding special diets nearly impossible. We must always have food available to our residents, and, just like people, some cats eat when stressed, bored or depressed. So, our “free-feeding” society can lead to or at least maintain some very full-figured felines! In an effort to shed a few pounds from some of these special residents we have created an off-site feline fitness spa. At the “spa” the kitties can enjoy low fat cuisine while following a work out regime designed by their personal trainer (a.k.a. foster parent). We realize this is a bit comical, but the reality is that feline obesity can lead to a host of problems, and we take the health of our kitties very seriously. These kitties are still available for adoption, so please don’t forget them.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The shelter goodmews is a great place to find out a lot on cats they list planty of ways they take care of cats and what you can do to help them take of all different types of cats.

Monday, October 24, 2005

To be honest I really like this blog thing. I don't really understand it much, but I think it cool to have your on web page. What I'm doing for my project is talking about different kinds of anmal shelters. Like the humanie socity, the animal pound. I also what to now what they do there like do they treat ever animal that comes in the same way or does it depends on were the animal came from or way its in the shelter. do they kill more animals then keep. How much do the charge you if you bring in an animal or if you found an animal and what it to be offthe street and in a safe area. How much they charge you to take an animal home. Thing like that.